Fall Photos: Common Moment: ON DISPLAY

On Friday, August 31, 2018 first year students in the Class of 2022 partnered with choreographer Heidi Latsky to create her installation ON DISPLAY on Andrus Field. Followed by a fire dancing performance by the student group Prometheus.
A deconstructed art exhibition/fashion show, ON DISPLAY is a commentary on the body as spectacle and on society’s obsession with body image. At its most concrete, ON DISPLAY is a human sculpture gallery bound by simple performance rules. More deeply, ON DISPLAY dares us to explore the idea of the gaze through a meditative, playful, embodied inquiry. In the installation, we are challenged to be in our simplest state, to commit to the exercise without judgement, to trust both our individuality and the group, and to experience profoundly the act of seeing and being seen.

Photos by Sandy Aldieri. Click here to view the full album on Flickr.