Fall Photos: Fall Faculty Dance Concert: Wrapped in Us

On Friday, October 26, 2018 visiting Assistant Professors Julie Mulvihill and Joya Powell presented Wrapped in Us, an evening of multidisciplinary, visceral, risk-taking and performance sharing.

In Composing Compromise: A Performance Collage, performers and audience traverse together, sharing choice and change. Together with the space and the audience, the performers explored in movement the act of becoming a group. Wesleyan student collaborators explored what holds us back and celebrate what brings us together as they ask the question: What if compromise is an act of discovery?

Hair Ties by Movement of the People Dance Company is a multidisciplinary, dance-theater piece inspired by America’s fear of Black power and beauty. Inspired by the Tignon Laws of the 1800s, this evocative work is a celebration of Black beauty, creativity, and ingenuity in the face of perpetual oppression. This work is a collaboration with Evelyn Green (videographer), Amina Henry (wordsmith), and Hair Ties interviewees.

Photos by Sandy Aldieri. Click here to view the full album on Flickr.