JoAnna Bourain ’12 interviews Jay Hoggard (April 28)

On Saturday April 28, the Wesleyan Music Department and the Center for the Arts present the Jay Hoggard Quartet. CFA Intern in Arts Administration JoAnna Bourain ’12 interviewed Wesleyan Adjunct Professor of Music Jay Hoggard about his upcoming performance.

Jay Hoggard. Photo by Santina Aldieri.

On Saturday night,  accomplished vibraphonist and Wesleyan music professor Jay Hoggard will be performing with the Jay Hoggard Quartet in Crowell Concert Hall. He will be joined by pianist and organist James Weidman and drummer Yoron Israel.  His special guests include Wesleyan Professor of Music and saxophonist Anthony Braxton, master percussionist Kwaku Kwaakye Martin Obeng, bassist Santi Debriano, woodwind player Marty Ehrlich, and harpist Brandee Younger.

Professor Hoggard explained that he has performed with the Wesleyan Jazz Orchestra both officially and unofficially for the past 20 years.  Saturday’s performance is different because the Jay Hoggard Quartet will be playing his original compositions. His excitement about the performance is infectious:  “Performing in Crowell Concert Hall is like performing in my living room – I feel at home there.” He explained to me, “Teaching is my day job – I am also a professional musician who performs and tours.” Jay Hoggard’s performance will be an occasion for his students, both past and present, to hear him play his own work. Mr. Hoggard is also well known in town as the charismatic band leader who takes the Wesleyan Jazz Orchestra to give free performances in Middletown schools.  Local families now have the chance to hear Mr. Hoggard’s music played as it should be played: in a major concert hall alongside his talented musician-friends.

Concerts like Professor Hoggard’s and other faculty productions are important because we (students) get to see how the faculty that have shaped us as artists work and perform. We are given the chance to understand how the skills and theory they have shared with us are called into practice in their own creative process. Faculty productions give us the opportunity to witness the necessary diligence and skill it takes to be a professional artist.

Perhaps, most importantly, these productions are the time in which we come to understand how impressive our faculty is and to reflect on how much knowledge we have gained from these substantial professors. Maybe I am feeling sentimental because graduation is just around the corner but faculty productions remind me of the inevitable transition from a student to a creative peer of our teachers. My confidence in making this transition is a testament to the arts faculty’s ability to share skills and information and their ability to cultivate creative students.

11th annual Wesleyan Jazz Orchestra Weekend
Jay Hoggard Quartet

Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 8pm

Crowell Concert Hall

Tickets: $15 general public; $12 senior citizens, Wesleyan faculty/staff, non-Wesleyan students; $6 Wesleyan students

As a part of the 11th annual Wesleyan Jazz Orchestra Weekend, the Wesleyan Jazz Orchestra, directed by Jay Hoggard, and the Wesleyan Jazz Ensemble, directed by Jazz Ensemble Coach Noah Baerman, will perform an exciting free concert of classic jazz compositions on Friday, April 27, 2012 at 8pm
 in Crowell Concert Hall

6 thoughts on “JoAnna Bourain ’12 interviews Jay Hoggard (April 28)”

  1. Having heard Jay going back the years he & the Quartet
    have achieved new level of excellence & jazz direction with
    his compositions

  2. The performance sent everyone in the crowd to a wonderful place in this world. As the concert progressed both musicians and the crowd were put into a rhythmical meditative trance- a happy place to be.

    Thanks. Martha Drummond

  3. Absolutely wonderful!!!!
    If I had realized Wesleyan Jazz students would be playing Saturday night before the Jay Hoggard Quartet (and friends), I would have come even earlier.
    One of the best music nights I’ve had in a long time!

  4. Last Saturday evening, we attended the concert in Crowell Concert Hall by the Jay Hoggard Quartet. We’ve come to know the music of Jay Hoggard through his CDs, but we’d never seen him in person. What a treat! The concert was wonderful and the audience was so obviously thrilled and engaged with the music that it made it even better. This was the first time we’ve attended an event at Wesleyan Center for the Arts and we’ll be back!
    Jack and Martha Murtaugh

  5. Jay Hoggard is such a creative artist, we enjoyed the performance very much. The other musicians were superb interpreters of his music. We could have skipped the “karate” performers though!!!

    My husband knows Jay personally and already called him to let him know what a thrilling performance he treated us to.

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